Interior Solutions for Schools

With the Summer holidays already in full swing, now is the time to think about any last minute renovation options for Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities. With fit-for-purpose floors, walls and ceilings, you can create the ideal learning environment, where aesthetics, safety/hygiene and ease of maintenance are key requirements. From non-slip safety flooring to prevent slips …

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Spotlight On: Altro Floors, Walls & Ceilings

Ideal for commercial environments where safety, cleanliness and hygiene needs to be considered, Altro specialise in interior solutions which meet Health & Safety standards. They’re industry leaders in creating commercial floor, wall and ceiling products which are perfect for kitchens, leisure centres, hospitals, schools and more. Altro Safety Flooring Whilst many traditional flooring materials can …

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Practical Solutions for Your Home Renovation

Click to Skip to: Bathrooms | Kitchens | Living Rooms | Bedrooms If you’re planning to re-decorate your home, it’s important to choose wall, ceiling and flooring products that are practical as well as appealing to look at. Renovating your home provides a great opportunity to identify areas to improve, whether it’s the carpet that harbours dust and pet hair, the bathroom …

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Office Ceiling, Wall, Flooring in Cornwall

Interior Solutions for Offices

The flooring, wall and ceiling products used in offices need to be durable and provide your staff and visitors with a good level of comfort. In this week’s Commercial Premises blog posts, we’ve detailed the best solutions for office spaces, including hard-wearing flooring and acoustics. Sound Absorption Offices can become particularly noisy work environments. In …

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Interior Solutions for Leisure Centres

Making leisure centres fit for purpose involves careful planning of your interior decor and materials. The flooring, wall and ceiling solutions you choose make a huge impact on your visitor’s comfort, safety and performance. The cleanliness and durability of your interior will also prove to be cost-effective considerations. In this second instalment of our commercial premises blog posts, …

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Interior Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants have a legal requirement to make sure their premises are safe & hygienic. By making smart interior choices, you can improve your Health & Safety Compliance to create a more sterile environment that’s safer for both your workers and patrons. In the first of our commercial premises blog posts, we’ll be looking at the floors, walls …

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Ecophon Acoustic Panels Sound Absorption Cornwall

5 Reasons to Install Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels are made from a sound absorbing material that’s designed to dampen sound within a room to prevent excessive noise and echoing in large or noisy areas. Restaurants, schools, shopping centres, museums, offices and leisure centres are just a few examples of areas where noise can become a problem. The installation of sound absorbing …

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