How to Clean Your Floor

Cleaning your floor regularly not only improves the hygiene of your home, but also prevents scratches and wear. Dirt and grit can scratch the surface of your floor, resulting in a dull appearance and shorter lifespan. Thankfully, cleaning your hard floors is easy.

How to Clean Your Floor

Regularly sweeping and/or vacuuming your floor will help to prevent dirt and dust from accumilating. Doing this twice a week should be enough to protect your floor, but more often is better. If your floor has a grain (eg. hardwood), sweep along the grain to get dirt out from the grooves.

Occassionally (once a week or so), you should clean your floor with a specially designed cleaner recommended by your flooring manufacturer. Try to avoid using a wet mop (unless your floor is water resistant such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles), and opt for a microfibre mop instead.

How to Protect Your Floor

To prevent damage or loss of quality, there are a number of things you can do. The first is to place barrier matting at external entrances to prevent excessive abrasion from dirt and grit trafficked into the room. It’s also worth applying felt furniture pads to the underside of furniture feet to prevent scuffs from movable furniture such as tables and chairs. Asking your guests to remove their shoes will also help in keeping your floors scratch-free.

What to Avoid

Stay away from bleach, scouring pads and furniture polish as these will wear away the finish on your floor. Never use a steam cleaner, and only use products which are recommended for your flooring type.

We offer a number of Floor Maintenance services for homes and businesses to help prolong the lifespan of your floor. Contact us on 01872 211505 for more information.

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