The Importance of Eye-Catching Shop Interiors

Whether you sell clothes, cushions, or coffee, it’s important that the interior of your shop has the ‘wow’ factor. The materials and colours that you choose for your shop decor form part of your brand, and help you to showcase your products/services and stand out from competitors. If your interior is unique and inviting, it creates a better shopping experience for your customers and can make your store more welcoming. A photogenic interior can even help to gain more business as customers snap photos of your decor and share to their social media profiles.

Through careful choice of furnishings, flooring and decor, you can display your products in the best possible setting and reflect who you are as a brand. We’ve put together some information and ideas on how to transform your shop:

Feature Walls

Combine a Decorative Feature Wall with your shop displays to make your products pop. When choosing a feature wall, it’s important to consider your target audience, your products, and the overall look & feel of your brand. The wall should compliment the products and draw the eye towards it, but not overpower the products on display. There should also be good contrast between the wall and the display to make the products stand out, rather than blend in.

Left image: Pinterest / Right image: PR-425 Classic Wall Panelling

Left image: Pinterest / Right image: PR-561 Brick Wall Panelling

Images: Lifestyle Wall Panelling

Left image: Pinterest / Right image: HRC1945 Reclaimed Wood Wall Panelling


Not only should your flooring look good, you should also choose a material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and the elements. Carpet, laminate or ceramic tiles aren’t ideal for retail environments, but flooring such as Luxury Vinyl or Hardwood is perfect for any store. The style and shade of your flooring should compliment your brand and the products on display, as well as being suitable for your location and audience. You should also consider how easy the floor will be to maintain (for example, a surf store by the beach may want to steer clear from hardwood flooring as sand will accumulate in the wood grain and beome difficult and time-consuming to clean).

Left image: Pinterest / Right image: Opus WP314 Cera Luxury Vinyl Tile

Left image: Pinterest / Right image: Knight Tile ST16 Grey Riven Slate Luxury Vinyl Tile

Left image: Pinterest / Right image: HW9088 V20 Rustic Oak Hardwood Flooring

Instead of choosing just one floor, you could combine multiple colours and style to create a bespoke Design Floor for your shop. A clever design floor can even improve sales by creating zoning – see examples below (read our blog post on how your shop floor design can increase sales for more information).

Find out more about Decorative Walls, Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Hardwood Flooring on our website, and get in touch for a Free Consultation & Quotation if your shop could benefit from an interior renovation. Alternatively, call us on 01872 211505 for a chat about how we can transform your home or business.

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