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With the Summer holidays already in full swing, now is the time to think about any last minute renovation options for Schools, Nurseries, Colleges and Universities. With fit-for-purpose floors, walls and ceilings, you can create the ideal learning environment, where aesthetics, safety/hygiene and ease of maintenance are key requirements. From non-slip safety flooring to prevent slips and falls, to impervious wall systems ideal for canteens, bathrooms, labs and changing rooms, we offer a range of products that are ideal for education environments.


In Nurseries, Pre-Schools, and other learning environments for young children, safety and hygiene is of the utmost importance. Our range of Safety Flooring from brands such as Altro and Polyflor are specially designed to prevent slips and falls, even when the surface is wet, and the waterproof, durable material makes it easy to maintain. As well as delivering peace of mind when it comes to safety and cleanliness, Safety flooring is available in a range of colours and styles to suit any interior. Different colours and patterns can even be combined to make a unique and enriching design floor, as shown below:



In areas where food is being prepared or served, hygiene and safety should be a top priority. To prevent slips from spills, we recommend Safety Flooring in both the canteen and the kitchen to guarantee the safety of your pupils and staff. Safety Flooring can reduce the risk of slipping to 1 in a million, whilst being easy to clean and able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

To improve hygiene and ease of maintenance, Altro Whiterock wall & ceiling panelling can be installed in kitchens and eating areas. This smooth, waterproof cladding is impervious to water and dirt, easy to clean and resistant to mould and damp.

Gymnasiums & Changing Rooms

To improve comfort and performance in gymnasiums, we offer a range of Activity Flooring which reduces the strain on legs and knees to reduce injuries and make the sport more enjoyable. Many types of Activity Flooring are also slip resistant to minimise falls, and have a good level of shock-absorption for a softer landing.

Changing rooms and shower facilities can hugely benefit from Waterproof Wall Panelling and Safety Flooring. Waterproof walls are a more hygienic, easier to maintain alternative to tiles, and safety flooring is ideal for wet areas. The edges of the floors can be made watertight, creating a seamless finish between wall and floor.


Classrooms & Hallways

The heart of a school is its classrooms and hallways, and these areas see the heaviest amount of foot traffic. Therefore, a durable floor is needed to cope with hundreds of students and staff using the floors multiple times a day. Luxury Vinyl or Sheet Vinyl is a tough, waterproof flooring solution that’s ideal for schools. There’s also specific non-slip varieties of vinyl flooring that will prevent slipping on spilled substances in labs or kitchen areas, and give peace of mind on wet and rainy days.

Many classrooms, particularly in science labs, catering rooms or art rooms, can benefit from Waterproof Wall Panelling to guarantee hygiene and make cleaning easier.

Suspended Ceilings are also a great choice for classrooms, with light fittings ensuring every student has a clear view of their work, no matter where they’re sat, and the option of being able to install projectors and sound systems makes for an enriching and advanced learning environment.



Hygiene is top priority in bathrooms, which is why we recommend installing waterproof Safety Flooring and hygienic wall panelling such as Altro Whiterock. Both these solutions will make bathrooms easy to clean, waterproof, resistant to mould and damp, and improve the hygiene of the facilities.


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